Monday, August 31, 2009

Adventure Apes Line Art

I threw this together as an idea for a wallpaper or shirt design. I'd like to do something full-colour, but thought this turned out kind of fun and interesting! It was originally a brush-pen sketch that was colourized in Photoshop, hope you like it!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Adventure Apes: Play online!

So I've put the game up on a site called yoyogames, and they made it able to play the game through their site if you don't want to download the file. I'm not sure if it will work on a Mac this way, so if anyone with a Mac tries it out, be sure to let me know!!

Adventure Apes ...
Added: 13 August 2009
By: ScaryPotato

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adventure Apes, ready for launch!

Another round of fine-tuning is done, and things are shaping up really nicely! Level one as of today is error free, and requires next to no touch-ups, apart from the odd thing that irritates me from a coding point of view. Below is a rundown of the level, from start to glitz, no glamour, all glory!! The latest version of the game is, as always, available at or or even at (it's a super cool site with plenty of indie and commercial games)!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Some major tweaks...

I had realized a major problem in the game that needed addressing, and here is the result! In the previous version, it was difficult to lose all your lives, so chances are that no one noticed that the game wouldn't know what to do if you DID die off! The problem has been fixed by making the game a little tougher, as well as adding a little mini-game type idea where you float around a room as Mitch's angel and have to collect three hearts if you want to restart the game. Pointless fun, but fun nonetheless!

Be sure to get the latest copy of the game here or here!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

3500hrs R&D, 437lbs Bananas Eaten, 1 Hardcore Monkey

After a couple weeks of working night and day, level one is complete!! I'll be doing through and looking for bugs to fix, but as it stands right now, you can go through and find everything, shoot everything, beat the boss etc etc.
The demo here is a teaser for all the weapons in the whole game (two of them are found in level one; Blue Raygun and the Sawgun) Be warned though, if you don't watch your ammo, when you get to the boss you will be in real trouble. He is one seriously tough hombre!! Oh, and you will find the link to download the game file at, and!