Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reference book compilation

As promised, I re-did the colouring on several pages to bring it up to speed with the more recent posts and figured that probably the easiest way to look at them would be to put them into one file, so here it is! It's something like 4.5mb, so it isn't small, but it will be nice and clear when you look at it as each page will show up as 640x640 on your screen. Hope you like it!

***EDIT*** Even though the file uploaded was over 4mb and 1280px wide, the one you can view is only a fraction of that size, 193kb so I apologize for that. It looks like there are limits to the dimensions an image can be when uploading? If you are curious to see all 18 completed pages clearly, you can find the file on my website!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Boss One: The Skull Demon!!

One serious piece of business, the Skull Demon is relentless in his attack on Mitch. It'll take quick wits and lots of ammo to finish him off.

I find the pose pretty stiff, so I might redo it, but my intention was to try and show all the things in the book in different poses than what you find in the instruction booklet and all these drawings are more to be used as diagrams of the enemies instead of action poses. Hm, maybe it'll stay. What do you think?

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Last Two Creatures

Here are the final creatures that you'll find in the game. It looks like I'll have to retouch my earlier stuff as the rust has gradually been shaken off my colouring skill...look out bosses, you're next!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Two more pages..

Two more pages down! Still a lot to do, but there are only two more pages of creatures left. Then it's on to the bosses which should be fun!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wallpapers etc!

Here is a mix of different styles and looks for a bunch of free wallpapers for my Adventure Apes, as well as the base logos used in the background. Most of them are 100% done, I believe the Stickytongue and the Reflection are the only ones never finished completely though. I just recently bought a brush pen and love using it, so am thinking that the next batch will be done with line art using that, then digital colouring, much like the story illustrations.

New Illustrations

Here are a couple of new pages for the book. By my figuring, there should be four more pages of creatures that you will see in the video game, a couple more maps, and of course the bosses for each level. I hope to have a bunch of jungle scenery to show what Mitch went through just to get to the mysterious temple in the first place, not to mention a drawing of the temple itself! Lots to do yet it seems:)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Info abounds!

These are a few pages from a reference manual that gives the reader/player a rundown of the surroundings and creatures inside the Mayan temple, along with maps and hints to make finding things a little easier. Of course if you use the book to finish the game you are a CHEATER, but I won't judge you.

*cough cough*cheater*cough*

Sunday, June 21, 2009

A sneak peek!

I suppose that the most significant thing that I've done regarding the Adventure Apes is create a video game from scratch that follows their adventures. It has taken an incredibly long time and huge amount of effort into getting it to the point that it is now, and it is the first thing that I would like to share with everyone, so here is a video clip of the game as played by yours truly!

Of course, if you would rather play it for yourself, you can download the game here, or here!

In the beginning...

For the past year or so, I have been spending my time coming up with ideas that revolve around my two favourite monkeys; Mitch and Otis a.k.a. the Adventure Apes! The two are orphans who have been taken under the wing of the kind Dr. A, an aging adventurer/crime fighter. The time has come for Dr. A to hang up his boots and hand the reigns over to the two young friends, who for years have been studying and training under Dr. A's scrutiny.

First, a little background on the two new heroes...

Mitch is the brains of the duo. He can be short-tempered at times, but is genuinely a good little monkey. He is quick and nimble on his feet as well.

Otis is the muscle. Big and slow, he neither gets around as fast nor thinks with the sharp wit of his best friend Mitch.

Their first mission was to be sent deep into the Mayan jungle to retrieve a stolen artifact and return it to the rightful owners, however while they were being told the details of the mission, Otis became so absorbed in the story that he forgot to breathe and passed out. For his safety (and everyone else's!), Dr. A thought it would be best for Otis to stay behind and rest. So, the mission to the Mayan jungle rest squarely on the shoulders of Mitch!

It is with these two characters in mind that I have begun putting together a myriad of different things to help expose them to the world. The majority of my posts will contain things of this nature. So if you like cartoons, monkeys, cartoon monkeys or even monkey cartoons, I think chances are pretty good that you will like looking through these humble offerings!