Saturday, January 26, 2013

New Screenshots!

It's taken a little while, but there has been quite a bit of stuff done on the game. Weapons have been added (wavebeam, ice cannon, missiles and bombs), upgrades to each weapon too! Since it is a super-casual game, I wanted each experience to be new, so all background elements are randomly generated, as well as the spawning locations for the enemies and asteroids.

The next thing I'm going to tackle is the variety of enemies. There are currently only two coded, but am thinking of adding several more (and redoing the current ones) to give more variety. The plan is to have different species and variants of species spwan based on the difficulty level you choose.

Here are a couple screenshots to tide you over while I work away on the game...first one is a WIP, nearly done though. The second image shows a new HUD and a plethora of asteroids begging to be blasted!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Game Key Giveaway!!

Hey guys, just a quick note to let you know that 10 game keys have been made available through Slushy Previews Youtube Channel!

There's nothing to it. Just watch his video playthrough before this coming Friday, and if you want to be entered into the draw, post a comment. He'll announce the winner the following week, so if you've played the game, but aren't sure you want to plunk down $3, now is your chance to score a free copy:)

SlushyPreviews Youtube Channel

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Step up and place your votes!

Out of the blue today I got some good news; The Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery has made it to a list of the Best Indie Platformer of 2012 at jayisgames! It was pretty awesome to see this pop up, because after seeing some reviews of the game, I had doubts that it would ever see the light of day again. Sure it's cliché, to to even make it on the list is an honour!

Looking at the list though, I'd say the odds are stacked against the Apes, but you never know, right? Actually, that's where you can help Mitch and Otis (and me!) out.

Jayisgames lets people vote once per day for the duration of the event (it ends on January 23rd). So if you played the game and liked it, or haven't played it, but like voting for the underdog, or even if you just think that poor ScaryPotato schmuck could use a sympathy vote, then make your way over to the jayisgames website and cast your vote. Over and over, and over again!

Don't think of it as me telling you to vote for the Adventure Apes so much as suggesting it, subtly.  You might notice once you are there, that the Adventure Apes is at the top of the list. Alphabetical order aside, it must mean something that it is at the top of the list ! :P

If you click this link, vote Adventure Apes!
Best of 2012 Indie Platformer List