Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Final Boss: Horatio Hawk!

So, I'm working a bit backwards with this in that you won't actually battle Horatio until you blast his Golden Egg to smithereens (that'll be the first illustration, this is the second). It does seem like a better way to introduce him to the world though since you actually see his character on this page, the other will just be his Golden Egg vehicle.

A little background on Horatio....

*Was in the same orphanage as Mitch and Otis, but was always an outsider.
*He always took things from other kids in the orphanage just to see them cry!
*Adopted by the enigmatic Mr.E, who is incredibly rich and has raised Horatio to use whatever means necessary to eventually own everything in the world.
*Loves watching old WWF matches when he's not bent on world domination.

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