Monday, March 1, 2010

Mayan Mystery: Level 2 Madness!

It occurred to me a while ago that people found level 1 of the Mayan Mystery a bit tricky to navigate because the graphics were the same throughout. Even with the occasional 'helpful' message from Otis and/or Dr. A, I think that it probably frustrated more than a  few people until they got their bearings with the temple layout as a whole. With that said, I've been putting together level 2, and am hoping that the experience will be much better for the player. There are three main sections of the level, each with its own distinct look and music. These screenshots are very early stages of the level of course, just to give a sense of the graphic style for each section. Development is coming along nicely, but it is a little slow, simply because level 2 is set to be hugely gigantic!


  1. Cool stuff!

    I can't wait to try this level 2!

  2. Mucho gracias cabron. You just wait until I post some images of the finished levels...make sure your socks are on tight, because if they aren't they're going to get blown clean off!