Saturday, March 3, 2012


After thinking things through about the style of the game, a comment made a LONG time ago when I was just starting the project was what I needed to make up my mind. Someone said that they wished the drawings were more representative of what you saw in the game(regarding the illustrations in the instruction booklet). It may haven taken three years, but I agree with them now! So, rather than trying for ultra-detailed images, something more on the cartoony side will be done for the planned cutscenes and instructions....not to mention the main start screen. Not only does it more closely fit the style of graphics in the game, but it is a lot more representative of the game itself, instead of the old start screens with Mitch and Otis mugshots on either side of a banana logo. This new one was done with a Pentel brush pen, then scanned and coloured. It's fun to do, and I think it gives a more natural feel than using the pen weight type options in photoshop.

That isn't the only thing that I've been tinkering away with all this time though. The game itself has gone through some really cool updates, lots of blocks and items have had their graphics updated, and I've even gone and tightened the controls to (hopefully!) prevent the player from getting stuck against any of the blocks. An updated demo of the game will be up on the Adventure Apes site soon! At this point, it's a matter of finding things and fixing/fine tuning them so that everything runs smoothly. Here's some screenshots in the meantime:

Onward and upward!

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