Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Reference book compilation

As promised, I re-did the colouring on several pages to bring it up to speed with the more recent posts and figured that probably the easiest way to look at them would be to put them into one file, so here it is! It's something like 4.5mb, so it isn't small, but it will be nice and clear when you look at it as each page will show up as 640x640 on your screen. Hope you like it!

***EDIT*** Even though the file uploaded was over 4mb and 1280px wide, the one you can view is only a fraction of that size, 193kb so I apologize for that. It looks like there are limits to the dimensions an image can be when uploading? If you are curious to see all 18 completed pages clearly, you can find the file on my website!

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