Sunday, June 21, 2009

In the beginning...

For the past year or so, I have been spending my time coming up with ideas that revolve around my two favourite monkeys; Mitch and Otis a.k.a. the Adventure Apes! The two are orphans who have been taken under the wing of the kind Dr. A, an aging adventurer/crime fighter. The time has come for Dr. A to hang up his boots and hand the reigns over to the two young friends, who for years have been studying and training under Dr. A's scrutiny.

First, a little background on the two new heroes...

Mitch is the brains of the duo. He can be short-tempered at times, but is genuinely a good little monkey. He is quick and nimble on his feet as well.

Otis is the muscle. Big and slow, he neither gets around as fast nor thinks with the sharp wit of his best friend Mitch.

Their first mission was to be sent deep into the Mayan jungle to retrieve a stolen artifact and return it to the rightful owners, however while they were being told the details of the mission, Otis became so absorbed in the story that he forgot to breathe and passed out. For his safety (and everyone else's!), Dr. A thought it would be best for Otis to stay behind and rest. So, the mission to the Mayan jungle rest squarely on the shoulders of Mitch!

It is with these two characters in mind that I have begun putting together a myriad of different things to help expose them to the world. The majority of my posts will contain things of this nature. So if you like cartoons, monkeys, cartoon monkeys or even monkey cartoons, I think chances are pretty good that you will like looking through these humble offerings!

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