Saturday, September 12, 2009

Adventure Apes Update and Screenshots!

So, this whole 'making a video game' thing is pretty time consuming. I've been posting updates on a regular basis over at the yoyogames forums, and the people there have really helped turn this game into something presentable! It seems like every time I think the game is done, a new suggestion is made, or I think of ways to tweak things here and there. One idea that I think I'll go with for the full 3-level game is to have a track selector option rather than songs getting played according to the room and level. That way the player will be able to choose which song gets played. That means coming up with a ton of songs, but it should be pretty cool when it's all said and done!

Level 1 has undergone a ton of improvements this past week as far as gameplay goes. As usual, I'll be going through to make sure nothing else needs fixing, but it is getting so good! Here are some updated screenshots, taken at their original resolution, however the game scales everything up 200% so that it is a little easier to play:)


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