Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Ode to the Adventure Apes

A while back, I posted a bunch of images for the bad guys involved in this project. Originally, the plan was to include them in an illustrated storybook describing Mitch's experiences as he explored the Mayan temple. I have decided to change things up somewhat..the story was coming out really flat and not interesting to read at all, and I just couldn't see how it'd have anyone eager to turn the page to see what happens next, let alone a kid! So, the story will now be told in the form of an epic poem as seen through Mitch's eyes...and yes, it will be illustrated! I will post the drawings once I get 'em done, but here are a few random verses in the meantime:

"The old temple ran North, East, West and South,
I'm in its bowels, yet entered its mouth.
Perhaps you may need some time to digest,
but believe what's been said, heroes know best!"

"Rooms carved from limestone the Mayans did build,
though not long after, with water they filled.
The rooms were small and the passageways tight,
this is a place where nobody should fight."

"Towers of flame and black smoke belched in plumes,
I wished there's a way that this would end soon!
But onward I went, to get the bad guy,
and dreamt of the day where I'd see blue sky."

Wordy post eh? I'll make it up with some pretty pictures soon, I promise!!

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