Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Adventure Apes + Game Porting= Happy Day!

If you've been wondering recently why there hasn't been too much in terms of updates for the game related stuff recently, the answer is quite simple...I was recently approached to port the game over to a handheld system! For a complete newcomer to the whole game making biz, it came as a complete shock, as well as a dream come true to have my little monkey crew made available to large base of people, and if a little money comes in as a result, all the better :)
Everything is in the very, VERY beginning stages at this point, and I'm sure as the project progresses, changes will be made to many aspects of the game in order to make it a top notch product. Perhaps the greatest advantage with an undertaking like this is that I won't be working alone on it. Reduced individual workload and greater brainstorming capacity will be very much welcome!
I look at this as a once in a lifetime opportunity, where if it gets done right, could lead the way to bigger and better things for the Adventure Apes, happy day indeed!!


  1. is it a homebrew version or you have contract with nintendo :-??

  2. Hey Amidos! The game won't be homebrew, it will be made for the DSi Ware site, which is something regulated by Nintendo. My fingers are crossed that they like it!

  3. Very cool! I heard about this on the Daily Click

  4. Awesome...!
    Now that are some good news man!!

  5. I download your game and we were reviewing and found some things that might help:
    first you have to improve the movement of the monkey, with inertia and friction. movements are jerky.
    and you should also put some transitions between scenes.
    in general is very good.

  6. Hey guys, thanks so much for the responses! It's been a busy time for me lately, and everything is moving in the right direction which is exciting to see :)

    Benji-Thanks for the heads up about the Daily Click site. It was exciting to see this little game get some exposure over there!

    PixelProspector-Thank you very much. By the way, the work you've done with your site is amazing, it is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for indie games. All that hard work definitely paid off!

    Luis Molina- Thanks for taking the time to play and consider the game:) The feeling of the game is meant to be retro which is why there is no gradual speeding up or down when running etc. Inertia may come into play for later levels/games, where ice may (or may not) be incorporated, hah! I did originally try using transitions when the player goes from room to room but found it broke up the play a little too much, perhaps it was a problem with my (lack of) coding skills though!