Monday, September 24, 2012

Adventure Apes and the Mayan Mystery is Released!

A little over four years ago, I had the idea to make a video game that would follow along a series of illustrated stories. Each story would have its own theme, but the main plot line would remain the same: The Adventure Apes try to stop Horatio Hawk from stealing various treasures/magical/mythical items from different eras and locations. Soon after I began, the reaction to the video game was stronger than that of the story, so I switched gears to focus on the game, during which time the goal of the game changed a few times. It was just last winter when I began this latest (and final) version of the Mayan Mystery, using all I had learned along the way to make what I hope is an entertaining game! It has been a very long time getting here, but I can finally say that the Mayan Mystery is complete and ready to be played! The past month or so has been a hectic time. Although the game was done, I needed to set up a way of selling the game, as well as try to make some inroads with people who work in the (indie)gaming scene to get a little exposure. It is most definitely a learning experience, but so far the reaction has been pretty positive, and am hoping that what other exposure there is will help build a decent base of people who enjoy the project. Right now, I have the game available through three sites:

The Adventure Apes website



Desura Digital Distribution

The hope is to have the game land on a few other sites, as well as get bundled up in packages for a little extra exposure! I hope that you've enjoyed watching this project progress over the years, and am sure that like me, you're ready to see something new in the works. I'll be starting the next game soon, so keep your eyes peeled (double potato reference intended) for what's next!


  1. You know what would be super cool? If you started a ScaryPotato Twitter account so I could follow your work!

    1. You know what would be even cooler? If I checked this blog a little more to see when people such as yourself have posted something. I'm really sorry for not being too active with the blog lately, life has kept me pretty busy the last little while.
      One bit of good news (kind of) is that I do actually have a twitter account set up! It's ScaryPotato@Adventure_Apes
      The downside is that I use that almost as infrequently as the blog these days. I promise it'll pick up though:)