Monday, May 17, 2010

And now for something completely uninteresting....

I put this together mainly as a result of a game design expo that I had the privilege of attending recently. One of the guest speakers (Matt McLean from Obsidian) was truly exceptional, and the comment that most stuck out in my mind from his speech was that "you can never show the control scheme for a game too much. Even if it's in the instruction booklet, chances are it won't be seen."
And just like that, a little piece of my heart sank. I had spent a few months worth of evenings putting together the art and layout for a true retro style instruction booklet to help reinforce the old-school vibe off my current game! His point is completely valid...I never really read those things as a kid for the instructions, it was the art I was after, and even now, I may take a quick glance through them, but never really pay much attention to the controls. So, my solution is to replace the current pause screen with this diagram, and hopefully avoid leaving the player frustrated or wondering what button does what exactly.

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