Monday, May 3, 2010

Squidephant Wallpaper!

I needed to do something to get my head out of game-code mode for a little while, and I thought that a perfect way to do that would be to make a couple new wallpapers for the site! After going back and forth on a few different style directions, I figured that the most suitable thing to do would be to make things that look like Mayan jewelry to represent the bosses in the game. Sure, I started out of order with the second boss, but he (and his level in the game) have been ingrained into my mind for the past six months, so cut me some slack already! Next will be the Skull Demon :)


  1. On another hand :), I checked your blog last night and boy am I glad I did.
    I am incredibly impressed with your pixel work.

    Cheers to your skill,

    Kind regards,


    As for my switch to freelance, it was a best decision I ever made.
    2 weeks later, and I am doing better than ever financially and the color is slowly coming back to my cheeks :)
    I know there will be dry, work-less days, but I am saving a bit now, and am ready for it. There's also a pile of my personal work I intend to bite into if other people stop asking for my services.
    It was a scary decision to make at the time though. Cutting the anchor and drifting off to a stormy sea :)
    Keep on with your great work and I will visit often from now on.

  2. Hahah, thanks so much for the comment!

    I can see how freelancing would be a rewarding direction to go, but the fear of crashing and burning stops most of us in our tracks I'm afraid. You're definitely an example to aspire to!