Thursday, February 2, 2012

Progress Updates...

LOTS of items have been crossed off the list since Christmas, and it's a really good feeling to see how things are starting to take shape!

The biggest piece of the puzzle (that being the video game itself) has all the levels in place, and the enemies and bosses are all there waiting, except the dreaded final boss. There is still a lot of fine-tuning to do with the game, so I've not updated the downloadable file, but am confident that something resembling a playtest version will be made available on the website before Valentine's Day, so keep your eyes peeled for that. Several functions won't be available in the playtest version, such as the "T for Tips" system, but it won't by any means make the game unbeatable, just more difficult. I am also planning on adding some cutscenes and things of that nature to help tell the Adventure Apes story, rather than plunging the player straight into the action without knowing which way is up. Anyhow, the game is very, VERY close!

Another big update (and what I've been spending the last week and a half on) is the Adventure Apes website. The current one looks really cool with the big logo taking the top 75% of the page, but it is almost completely lacking in functionality. All the good stuff is crammed down at the bottom, and really doesn't display anything other than a few lines of text at any one time. The web hosting company I'm using provides free templates, so I looked through them, but decided in the end to try and come up with something that fits what I want exactly. The only trick is that I've got to take bits and pieces of code and patch them together...time consuming when you don't know anything about html !:P It is coming along though. My concept is to have something that is really clear and easy to navigate, and clean in a visual sense. Just to make it unique and more personal looking, I'm making all the images/buttons etc etc. It's a frustrating undertaking, but in the end, I thik it will really tie everything related to the Adventure Apes together, having a common scheme (being somewhat cartoony looking). Here are a couple screen captures of what I've got so far, enjoy!

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